GRUVLOK© fittings, flanges, and valves.

Pinnacle Industrial Supply, Inc. is a premier distributor of GRUVLOK fittings, a line of products from Anvil International. We are committed to provide our industry with the largest selection and availability of GRUVLOK products in all of southern California. Pinnacle boasts a stock of fittings and couplings up to 14” and can stage and tag your job to specification whether it be by floor, area, or system. Pinnacle also grooves pipe up 12” to specification in house. GRUVLOK Product lines for fire protection systems, CTS copper system , and the stainless grooving method are also available to meet the demanding requirements of any project.


GRUVLOK Copper system

GRUVLOK Stainless system

GRUVLOK Reference Info

  • For a complete GRUVLOK catalog with technical information please Click Here
  • For roll grooving pipe specifications please see pages 22 and 23 of our 1007
    Groover Manual.
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Pinnacle Industrial Supply is a Proud member of the DEVO Outreach Program CA CERTIFIED Small Business Enterprise # 37362