Our design build program allows customers the most cost and labor effective methods to assemble a project from the ground up. From the air handling unit to the mechanical room and all the accessories in between, we have the highest quality products to assemble a complete system. Copper, stainless, PVC and carbon in different applications such as solder, grooved, press, threaded and welded are used as per the specification. Accessories such as unistrut, hangers, and insulation, and hardware are also commonplace.


An original equipment manufacturer, or OEM, manufactures products or components that are purchased by a company and retailed under the purchasing company's brand name. A cost effective supply chain with quality product provides an ideal situation for any manufacturer. Pinnacle can reduce downtime with our inventory control systems to ensure the product is on hand when it is needed most. Future inventory planning and mapping is common as well as import orders from abroad to keep the OEM final product costs down.


Our large inventory of structural metals and plate in carbon and alloys is ideal for any construction project. Structural metals such as channel, tube, bar stock, angle and I-beam, are used in general fabrication and erection applications. Industrial metals are used in all of the markets we service in different applications. We stock aluminum, carbon, galvanized, copper, brass, stainless, nickel alloy, and even titanium. Our worldwide sourcing also allows us to provide special hard to find alloys as well.


Commercial and Military shipbuilding calls for a wide array of alloys due to extreme environments. Corrosion, temperature, chemical exposure, and pressure are all components that can be unique in individual systems. Weight and strength can play a factor as well, both in piping and structural uses. Pinnacle Industrial Supply, Inc. has a broad inventory that includes specialty alloys in aluminum, duplex, super duplex, titanium, stainless, and copper nickel. Desalination plants are also areas where high corrosion resistance is needed in chemically aggressive environments. Pinnacle Industrial’s range of stainless steels and enhanced stainless steels like duplex 2205 and super duplex 2507 are perfect long lasting methods in these harsh conditions.


Power generation and alternative energy industries are the backbone of our business. Carbon, chrome-moly, nickel alloy, and stainless steel, pipe, valves, and fittings are on hand to meet the high pressure and temperature requirements of even the most complex power systems. Pinnacle Industrial Supply has a wide array of steel and alloys for emerging alternative power markets including hydro, solar, wind, and bio-fuels.


Plumbing Contractors specialize in the installation and repair of pipes which are used to carry water, gas, sewage, and wastewater. Contractors also install fixtures such as toilets, bathtubs, sinks, and faucets. Both in residential and commercial markets, plumbers need a reliable source to get their everyday product on time. Pinnacle Industrial Supply, Inc. supplies a wide array of plumbing supplies from copper tube and fittings, to ABS and DWV pipe and fittings, and all the valves to match. We also stock a line of no-lead fittings for contractors in California.


Product in the PVF and structural industry can come from all over the globe. We can utilize our network of global trading partners to find you the product you need, and at an affordable price. All products are tested in accordance with ASTM standards and specifications. With all the details provided upfront, there are no surprises in the long haul. Our history and relationships have benefited our customers with a unique opportunity to tap into the cost savings of the global market.


Managing a cost effective quality product over international borders can be a daunting task. Over the years, Pinnacle Industrial Supply, Inc. has perfected exporting our products and has streamlined the process to benefit both manufacturers and contractors abroad. We combine the factors of dedicated service, support, and quality product to ensure all parties involved are completely satisfied.